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Higher/Ordinary whats the difference!!??
Carla_parkerr Junior Cert German — 20/11/16 4

i want to drop to ordinary because i think i'll get a much better mark and it's less stressful! Someone tell me the difference between the levels:(

ec2406 — 08/05/16
Getting a pass in higher level is more of an achievement than getting an A/B in ordinary level; that goes for every subject. Push yourself for the higher pass at least for the JC.
Chris2fer — 10/05/16
Sounds to me like you're just lazy, work hard in German and you'll do well. Plus its a lot better to get a D/C in higher level, than to get an A/B in ordinary level
Venner101 — 11/05/16
one is ordinary and one isn't, hope this helped xx
IrishJuniorCert — 20/11/16
If you do ordinary level for the Junior Cert, you'll probably have to do it for the leaving cert. Most colleges won't accept people without a pass in ordinary level in your Leaving Cert, so doing higher level now would be a great foundation for your LC and would help you get into college.
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