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    junior cert german revison books Emerok

    Junior cert german revision books? Is there any good ones u can use i want to get a C in the jc i got a D in the mocks? (Higher level) also any advice on studying and is it to late to start in april/march, i did aalright in the pres

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      They probably have a revise wise or less stress more success. Practise is key to achieving high grades especially if you practise comprehensuons lettersand vocab daily. I did that and I got 94% in the pre

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      I got a D too, but my teacher isn't the greatest and we only have 2 german teachers in our school. I use less stress more success since ReviseWise don't make German revision books. To be honest though, you're better off using your textbook (mine are Viel Spaß 1 and 2) And practicing exam questions. Less Stress More Success also gives you tips on how to answer the reading sections properly, the different topics that come up in notes and letters and of course the listening comprehensions. It has CDs too.

      Hope I helped

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