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    Letters/Note Help sarah22

    I'm shocking at answering the letters & notes😂 what are the main topics that come up in German letters? Anyone have any tips for revising the letters or notes? :)

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      Our teacher wrote out paragraphs for us using the book, some of the common topics are a concert you went to, summer holidays, staying in the hospital, school rules, a language trip etc :)

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      in letter the common topics are your school,home,chores,exchange partners, music, pets and holidays. prepare five to six sentences on each topic and you should be fine. for the letter often you must include a time,and a sentence in the perfect however its often random

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      Thank you 😊

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      Some topics that our class have come across are :

      Holidays ( what you did? who went with you?...)

      Part time Job and Pocket Money ( how much money do you earn?...)

      At Home/Chores( what do you do at home to earn pocket money? how do you help..?)

      Exchange partners....('say what you would pack for a trip to Ireland)

      School and subjects ( favourite subject..? what do you do in classtime..?

      Hope this helps you :) Good luck in exams

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