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    Reading Comprehensions annie1996

    any tips on how you can approach the longer reading comprehensions? as they are longer i find it difficult to understand what they are trying to say

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      first when you get one read through it and underline any words that you know,

      then when youre finished reading it read it again! after look at the questions being asked and go back to the text and try and find the answer there. if it still is too hard to comprehend you must then learn new vocabulary and practice reading comprehensions again and again! hope this helped x

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      From each reading comprehension (even short ones), write 5 words that you haven't come across before into your copy and translate them into English - therefore, building your vocabulary as you go along - do this even if your teacher doesn't tell you about this. It could also help to underline the question word in the question as this will help you focus on what you are looking for? For example, underline "why" and then you will know, you are looking for a reason of something (the thing it asks you for in the question).

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