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    SYRAN BREUN look here! German tomorrow Cunn16

    Any tips for German?

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      Same, wtf am I meant to learn

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      I don't think he does german does he?

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      he does french

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      he could do both tho, i do both

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      Ayy Sryan doesn't do German we're fucked boys lol

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      I don't do German like mathswhiz101 said, I do French but the subjects are very similar so I can still give tips.

      - Make sure you know your vocabulary. You do not have to know the whole dictionary hahaha. Learn vocabulary in this short time that you don't know. Make short tests for yourself, maybe 15 words max. Make a test of like the German or English translations and then study the vocabulary for like 5-10 mins. After this study, test yourself and translate the words into the opposite language of what they are on the paper that you did.

      - Make sure you know a good few verbs and the basic tenses, Present, Future and Past. This is very useful for the written section. If you know a couple of phrases and a good few verbs as well as your vocabulary above ^, there's no doubt that you'll get an A in this section.

      - Once you practised a good few reading comprehensions over the year, you will be grand!

      But I have been learning a bit of German from Call of Duty Zombies LOL:

      Der Eisendrache - The Iron Dragon

      Kino der Toten - Cinema of the Dead

      Nacht der Untoten - Night of the Undead

      Der Riese - The Giant

      Verruckt - Insane


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      Thanks Syran! You're a lifesaver

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