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Mcolmc28 Junior Cert German — 04/02/17 5

On the JC timetable it says the German exam is 2.5hrs. Is the aural included in this time? Does it happen at the start or the end ?

jackkfleming — 27/05/16
Aural, included in the exam. Done at the very start (you're given 5 minutes to read it first)
ashaemc14 — 19/01/17
How long should i be spending on each q?
Jakub_3046 — 04/02/17
you should leave about 1 hour to do you section 3
Jakub_3046 — 04/02/17
and 1:20 hour for your section 2
Jakub_3046 — 04/02/17
and 30 min for your section 1
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