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    Word Inversions mathswhiz101

    so what im wondering is after you use a a phrase that inverts the verb and the personal pronoun, do verbs later on it in sentence be inverted also?

    Eg. Is it mit meinem Geld, kaufe ich Bon-bons und ich gehe ins Kino

    OR ; ; ; ; ; ; ;und gehe ich ins Kino

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      und gehe ich

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      i think its und ich gehe. und doesnt change the sentence structure

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      Verb must always come second in a sentence, "und" joins two sentences together, marking it as the first word of the second sentence so the verb must come after that

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      well its all or nothng

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      People above me are incorrect.

      Firstly, verb doesn't come "second", it comes "second phrase".

      For example: Am Samstag, gehe ich nach Limerick.

      When you have "und", you shall treat it as if it's a full stop.

      und ich gehe would be correct.

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      After a time phrase the verb comes first; gehe ich, and if you use "und" the verb comes second; ich gehe.

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      Und ich gehe

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