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    2016 history predictions people in history and q6(d) Makeuplover_01

    Please help me history tommrow and I haven't studied any Europeen history yet or people in history questions will someone please help me with predictions for both

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      Battle of Britain

      1 The Battle of Britain was sparked when hitter defeated the French and decided to invade Britain

      2 there first tactic was to demolish raf bases by the Luftwaffe

      3there was fierce fighting in summer 1940 and there was causal ties on both sides

      4 the turning point for the British was when they discover two new planes The Hurricaners and spitfire and the radar Which could track enemy planes and the raf could prepare for the counter attack because of the early warning

      5 hitler changed his attacks to nights after a few weeks and curfews were put in place by wardens that there was no light in the house so the luffwafe could not see well

      Dday landings

      1 An attack organised by British to regain France it included British French and Canadian troops Based from southern Britain.

      2. They landed on 5 beaches using special boats

      3 . Equipment and weapons were landed very quickly making the attack more efficient and better

      4. a special pipeline called Pluto was piped over the channel for petrol

      5. the allies went to Western Europe and the Germans were forced to retreat and eventually surrender Q6 :) dunno bout q4

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      Okay thank you soooooooooooo much :))

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      Here ive aload more if u want them my history teacher sent them to us

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      Irish history tho

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      Yes please

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      can you send them in as I really need help!!! please and thanks

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      Yeah send them please! I had predictions in my journal but I threw it away accidentally. Back at square one

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      Yes please will you

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      some 6D accounts here

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