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    2016 junior cert history Marzipan15

    Anyone have any predictions for the people in history question for the 2016 junior cert!? 😥 and any predictions for questions 5 and 6!? I'm freaking out 😖

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      "predictions"? "freaking out"? Your Junior Cert won't be for another 9 monhts!

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      Predictions already?!geez calm down you only started third year your teachers will help you with that throughout the year no rush :)

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      Most people feel nervous or worried (freaking out in your case) for the Junior Cert when they get into third year, but as long as you listen in class, do your homework and know the layout of the papers comfortably by doing past exam papers you shouldn't have much to worry about. Predictions will come later in the year but you cant totally rely on predictions all the time. Try not to freak out too much until the day before the exam when you still dont have a clue. It doesn't help to be stressed.

      Hope this helps, Peace ✌ !

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      hi im in 2 year and are school have a new jounier cert just for us??

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      I'm doing the JC too this year and reckon that there will a lot of stuff about the lead up to the 1916 Easter Rising and after (Cvil War,etc.)

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      I remember from trying to go over patterns that Q5 this year will either be the industrial revolution or the reformation. My predictions were right last year when I did it as I was so prepared that I could have chosen any of the 5C parts

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      @granners I'll keep those in mind. I'm definitely expecting a lot of 1916 questions to come up due to the centenary though.

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      the industrial revolution is tipped for this year in Q5 or 6 as it hasnt come up for 4 years

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      Michelle Uwakk

      for Q5 Industrial Revolution is coming up

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