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6A predictions!!
ندى_5604 Junior Cert History — 29/05/18 3

Any predictions for q 6A??

Sophie_2825 — 18/05/18
Industrial revolution
sarahfeelyy — 21/05/18
roots in an ancient civilisation or middle ages
Bondfamily1 — 21/05/18
these are my history teachers predictions: q5 - plantations, know about religion, language and culture and customs (accounts) // or revolutions (political) know the causes of the american war of independence (account) and robespierres reign of terror (account). q6(a) - romans // middle ages // agricultural, industrial or transport revolutions. q4 (people in history) - section a : archaeologist/ celtic farmer/ early christian monk/ medieval monk/ lord or lady in medieval castle/ renaissance artist or sculptor (michelangelo and leonardo da vinci) /// section b : explorer (columbus) / reformer (martin luther) / revolutionary leader (washington or robespierre) / factory worker in industrial rev / mine worler in industrial rev / irish rev leader 1919 to 1923 (michael collins) HOPE THIS HELPS:blush: GOOD LUCK X
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