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    French American Irish revolutions! :O Laura_graham

    Any study tips for the French,American or Irish revolutions? :)

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      You really only need to know 1 of them well. Make sure to know a bit about the other 2, because questions about a certain revolution can be asked, like in the Short Questions or Q5. I decided to learn the french one because I remember more about it. For the people in history question (or the long part of Q5 if the question is based on revolutions) will always give you a choice between the 3 revolutions.

      A question which often is asked would be reasons for each of them. An important, easy to learn reason is that France got inspiration from the American Revolution, and Ireland got inspiration for the French revolution.

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      thank you for your help! :)

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      Revolutionary movements came up in Q5 last year so I highly doubt it'll come up again although there is a possibility that a leader could come up in Q4

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