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    history nena

    any idea what will turn up on the history paper please j.c

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      Ehmm..well the explorations,the reformation,renaissance,irish history,the revoultions,an ancient civilisation ( Rome,Greece,etc.) and some other stuff x

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      There's a lot on the History paper. And, it's basically everything you've done already and everything you will do, so you'll know what you have to study for the J.C. You should ask your History Teacher if you have any questions like this

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      well all the topics really... ancient ireland, the middle ages, romans, renaissance, voyages, reformation, revolutions, plantations, social change, etc :) i would suggest making a mindmap for each topic with the key points, as its a LOT to study :) thats what i am doing :)

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      You should check out it's excellent for notes etc

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