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    How to study history????? Zozosmithy

    I have mocks coming up in January and studying at the moment, how do you study history as there is a lot of dates and stuff to remember???

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      Make a history dictionary (use a small notebook with pages smaller than A4) with all the key terms, people and dates inside. You would split pages into words that start with the same letter (like a dictionary) and at the back pages, have all the key dates. Then, just look over a few words once a day. I've also heard that making ladders (not an actual ladder!) is a good way to study dates. Basically, you create a timeline where you have the events of a certain period of history in order of time. The dates for each event are included also.

      Hope this helps :)

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      Ok I will try that thanks a million!!! :)

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      this is a really good idea im going to try this!

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      This is a really really good idea and i will try this but i will also suggest this that to learn all the dates, it would be a good idea to all the dates on flash cards. You can actually use flash cards for every subjects. Before going to sleep you can go over all the flash cards including the dates in history. You wont even notice and one day you will know the dates of everything perfectly.

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      Okay I will try that as well, thanks for your help. :)

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