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    Séan lemass Insa333

    Anyone have notes on séan lemass. I am in desperate need of 'em!

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      Political leader after 1500

      He took part in 1916 rising when he was 17. He was on the anti-treaty side during the Civil war.Was elected as TD for Sinn Fein and later played leading part in setting up Fianna Fail with deValera. During WWII years, FF(Fianna Fail) won power, he held various ministries including Minister of Supplies. He succeeded de Valera as Taoiseach and leader of FF in 1959. Irish economy improved greatly under his leadership. He supported a programme( T.K Whitaker's 'First programme for economic expansion'.This programme used grant n tax breaks to encourage ppl to set up industries. Industries increased and unemployment fell by 35 per cent, Emmigration slowed, pop grew since famine. Social Changes: Telefis Eireann set up in 1961. Relations between N.I and Rep of Ire improved. 1965- Lemass held meeting with PM. Lemass had active involvement in the UN. Lemass retired in 1966 and died in May 1971.

      That's all I have....I would have just scanned it for u but my scanner is broken...

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      Sorry,Political leader after 1950

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      Thanx! That's great!

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