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    Soo.. Notes anyone?? 11ND - CCM

    Hello there,

    Just looked through the resources for History and I see that there aren't any written notes that condense the course. I missed my mock because I was on holidays and have it over the weekend to do at home. Probably unreasonable to expect notes before then, but they'd be real nice to have anyway!

    What I'm looking for is the third year section of the course, from social change, to the Irish new state to both world wars. I'm more of a reading learner, but my book is just too wordy, and it seems as though the key words at the end of the chapter are just too vague.. Looking for a happy medium that condenses long paragraphs to maybe a few key sentences instead of vague words. Anything would be greatly appreciated!!

    I guess add them to the resource box or leave a link, not sure how all this works, only new to PLUS :D thanks in advance :)

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      All 3 years there, fairly condensed

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      11ND - CCM

      Thank you so much man!! Really appreciate it. :)

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