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    Timing meabh014

    Hey does anyone know the timing for the history paper? like how long you should spend on the people in history question and on question 6? Thanks :)

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      You should spend 40 minutes on Q6 and no more than 30 minutes on the people in history

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      Well I think 50 minutes would be better for Q6 because it is worth 1/3 of the marks, and so approximately 1/3 of the allocated time should be spent on this section. There's 150 minutes of the History exam, which means 50 minutes should be allocated on Q6 (25 minutes each)

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      study person

      if you have edco. papers the recommended times for each question are there along with sample answers too, its the same for most subjects in the exam papers. You could also ask your teacher for personal time guidelines if he/she knows which questions you are better at:)

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      11ND - CCM

      In the Edco papers it recommends:

      Pictures: 10 mins

      Documents: 15 mins

      Short answer: 20 mins

      People in history: 30 mins

      Sources: 25 mins

      Section 6: 40 mins.

      I used these in my mocks, finished early on the first 3 sections as you'd hope, level for sections 4 and 5 and finished 10 minutes early so I suppose it was about 50 mins for section 6. Did pretty well in that exam ❤️

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      Why is it recommended to spend longer on Documents than Pictures? Documents is way easier

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      anyone have advice for cutting down time in people in history cause im spending way to long, nearly half an hour on each question

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      Alex F

      @eworall, When your answering the questions don't make it sound almost like an English Essay. When writing People In History I give little paragraph headings before I start. When I see the question of Named Reformer I write to the side

      Early Life

      Promise in a Storm

      Justification by Good Faith Alone

      The 95 Theses

      Alarm Bells

      Edict of Worms

      Later Life

      By giving either catchy, memorable headings you will remember the paragraph, giving the event helps you remember what it was

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