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Accounts + predictions
12345user Junior Cert History — 11/06/16 8

Does anybody have any sample account on; - Anglo Irish treaty - Ireland under Valera - holocaust Also my teacher made a list of predictions if anybody wants them?��

Oasis — 10/06/16
Can you send me those predictions please Thanks
sophie544 — 10/06/16
Can u post the predictions here pleasee
asd789 — 10/06/16
me as well if you dont mind
bobukas13 — 11/06/16
post the predictios pls
Beachy123 — 11/06/16
I have a sample account on Ireland under dev f you want it? Could Anyone send me the predictions :/
Amy Halligan — 11/06/16
Does anyone have any sample account on a medieval monk ??
12345user — 11/06/16
People in history; - monk in early Christian Ireland - ancient civilisation outside of Ireland - factory/mine worker -Renaissance artist/sculptor -a leader on a voyage of exploration Q6 A - middles ages C -first Dáil - Ireland under Valera - Anglo Irish treaty -Easter rising -civil right in Northern Ireland -political development in Ireland D -operation Barbarossa -holocaust -hitlers treatment of the Jews -education and youth control in Germany a If anyone has sample account in these please post them -
xXsTuDyCliXmAsTeRxXz — 11/06/16
Sample answer for factory owner: http://e-xamit.ie/tutorial.php?id=54388&prep=54387&soln=54388&tip=54389&port=54429 Sample answers for person living in a ancient civ. Outside Ireland, a person in pre Christian Ireland, and a landowner in the a plantation: http://e-xamit.ie/tutorial.php?id=54316&prep=54315&soln=54316&tip=54317&port=54405 I can post account answers, give request and you'll get it boi
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