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    did america become an independent country in 1776 or did they start the revolution in 1776?

    were the americans fighting the british before 1776 and receive independence in 1776? thanks

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      America didn't become independent until the treaty of Paris in 1783. The second continental congress took place in 1776, may sound a bit confusing but the Americans declared their independence during this meeting but their independence wasn't formally recognized until the treaty of Paris. The Americans did fight the British before 1776, e.g. Lexington and Concord (first battle of the war)

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      thanks but in my history book it says americas birthday is 4th july 1776 each year?? what does that mean then?

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      Well, it's like we celebrate 1916 when we announced our independence but we didn't have a recognized fully independent state(excluding NI) until 1949. It's the same with America, in 1776 America was still under British control but the colonists viewed their country as independent at this time, they had their own parliament in the from of the continental congress and their own militia/army. Americans celebrate the 4th of July because it was the start of their own nation even though it was still under control from the British. I've probably complicated things too much, but in short the 4th of July was the birth of the American nation.

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      thank you so much so if i was asked a question "when did america receive independence?" would i say 1776?

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      You probably wouldn't be asked a question on that, but what you could say is; America declared its independence on the 4th July 1776 but didn't receive formal recognition of their independence from the British until 1783

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      thank you so so so much :):):):):)

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      No probs :P

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