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    anyone need history notes for 6D Readelly2251

    have some notes for accounts if anyone wants some

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      Hitler's foreign policy

      1. Aims

      - greater germany

      - lebenscraum

      - destroy treaty of versailles


      - re-armament

      - re-militiration of rhineland

      - airforce (luftwaffe)


      Auchluss - united austria and germany (master race) aryan race


      sudentenland - german speaking Czech took over

      british and french policy of appeasement


      Czech- took over rest of Czech (lebenscraum)


      pact with stalin to divide poland between them "pact of steel"

      invaded poland 1st september '39

      france and britain declared war

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      1. Codename given to the german invasion of Russia

      2. Hitler wanted to invade russia because;

      - biggest enemy

      - lebenscraum

      - access to oil fields

      3. Three pronged attack

      - Leningrad

      - Stalingrad (Moscow)

      - Kiev

      4. Stalin called on Russia to fight the Great Patriotic War.

      5. Russians were outnumbered and used two tactics to try and combat the Germans

      - Scorched earth policy -> destroy crops and communication lines

      - Using the elements -> Russia had very cold winters and German were unprepared

      6. This led to the final battle of Stalingrad

      - Germans led by General Von Paulus and the russians knowing their cities and the severe weather made the Germans surrender

      7. Major turning point of world war II

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      1.Winston Churchill takes over as prime minister fro Neville Chamberlain

      2. 1940 following the fall of france

      dunkirk- considered a victory for the english as they rescued their own troops

      3. english airforce (RAF) VS German airforce (Luftwaffe)

      4. codenamed by Hitler Operation sealion which is the invasion of britain

      5. Germany had more aircrafts however radar proved hugely beneficial for the english

      6. Hitler abandoned the attack on airfields and began attacking cities (london) this was called the Blitz -> this is seen by some as a mistake as if he had continued he would have won.

      7. Hitler abandoned bombing Britain and turned his attention to russia. Britain considered this a victory "Never in the history of human conflict was so much owed by som many to so few.

      - this marks a turning point in WWII

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      Thank you, literally what I was looking for when came on site and first thing I found, ty

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      1. d-Day = deliverance day

      invasion of france - codenamed operation overlord - to liberate france from Germany

      2. it was an operation from 3 fronts

      britain coming down

      USA coming from Pacific

      Russia red army coming across from eastern Europe

      3. tricked German into believing the attack was going to be in Calias NOT Normandy beaches

      4. General Eisenhower bombed German defenses, Atlantic wall, dropped paratroopers

      5. 5 beaches codenamed Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno and Sword -> warships and landing crafts

      6. mulberg piers (artificial harbours)-> tanks and trucks "pipeline under the ocean" ->oil(pluto)

      -> protected by airplanes

      7. Allies -> Paris - Battle of Bulge (setback)

      strong nazi resistance

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      1. Election campaign

      - 1932: 6 million Germans were unemployed due to the wall street crash and the depression. Hitler promised to end this.

      2. Hitler banned Trade Unions and he decided wage levels and working conditions of workers. A pay freeze was also brought in.

      3. Women were taken out of the workforce

      - There place was in the home

      - Jews were taken out of the workforce also as they were not of Aryan race -> this created more Jobs for male Germans

      4. Organised huge public work schemes e.g Autobahn was built as a result of this scheme.

      5. Rearmament decided by Hitler meant an increase in the size of the army and an increase in production of weapons (Rhineland, against Versailles treaty)

      6. Car industry was developed - cheap available cars were made e.g Beatle. Cheap radios were also produced.

      7. Unemployment fell to 300000 in 1939

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      any one yous know which account is coming

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      please tell me

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      I have a feeling the 3 operations may come up ie Barbarossa d-day battle of britain

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      Can you answer the account question like that? Like without writing a paragraph and just listing bulletpoints

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      @conor01201 I'm not sure if its the best idea my friend however did that for the marks and she got high marks but the points I have above would need to be developed a fair bit to get maximum marks.

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      *mocks not marks*

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      thanks Readelly2251

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      Mark healy

      Excellent. Just what I was looking for.

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      Mark healy

      Excellent. Just what I was looking for.

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      Is this for higher or Ordinary?

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      thanks again, these will help alot !

      @kristiedc higher, there is no Q6 on lower

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      What are the most important accounts to learn for Q6D

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