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    Can Questions come up 2 times in a row ? HL frans

    Can Questions such as the people in history , section 5 and section 6 (A) come up on the same title as in 2014?

    (Eg. Revolutionary Movements, came up in sec 5 in 2014, can it come up again? I really hate that chapter.

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      If you look at the previous topics of section 5 questions, they are always changing. It is very likely that Revolutionary Movements will not appear in section 5 of the 2015 History exam since it was already been used in 2014. That's not an absolute certainty, because the SEC can place any section they want on section 5. Sometimes, topics on section 4 repeat, and in section 6, the last 3 topics are almost always the same (Social Change, Twentieth Century Ireland, and International Relations).

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      if you have the exam paper they should have a list of what cam up the last few years and from my observation i think its highly likely that the age of exploration would come up. i know it was between that and the industrial revolution and famine but since that came up in the pre at a guess the SEC wouldnt put the topic on our actual exam

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      thanks for the reply's

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