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    COUNTER REFORMATION HELP adamchoudhary02

    so basically there is a question to write about the counter reformation. I can only think of 3 valid points such as the inquisition, the society of the Jesuit and the council of trent

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      the question wants 12 marks which means 6 points. what else can I write about. any sample answers

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      (a) The Council of Trent

      • It was a meeting of cardinals and bishops to reform/change the church.

      • Three meetings occurred in Trentino, Italy.

      • They ruled on matters of faith and discipline.

      • Faith and good works are necessary for salvation. Word of God is in the Bible and teachings of the church. There are seven sacraments. Priests are not permitted to marry

      • Abuses of Church outlawed. These included simony, nepotism, absenteeism, and pluralism.

      • Catholics must be taught by a catechism.

      • The images of Christ, Mary and saints were to be placed in the churches and people can be taught through them

      (b) The Court of the Inquisition

      • The Inquisition was a court set up to try heretics, and those people who went against the church.

      • Found mainly in Spain and Italy and as a result these countries stayed Catholic.

      • It used torture to force confessions, people were encouraged to spy on neighbours.

      • Punishment varied from wearing a San Benito which was a type of cloak, or whipping.

      • Those who refused to change views could be burnt at the stake in a ceremony called Auto da Fé

      (c) The Jesuits

      • The Jesuit Order was founded by Ignatious Loyola in 1540. This was the most influential of the new orders.

      • The Jesuits were organised like an army. Its founder, Ignatius Loyola was an ex-soldier

      • They studied for up to 14 years to become a Jesuit.

      • They preached and taught. They were totally loyal to the Pope. Their education was advanced for the time

      • Some members of the Jesuits were missionaries – St Francis Xavier

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      revise wise has notes on these topics

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      Thanks that's a lot of help

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