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    DEB History HL Exam? AnMurray

    I have done all other subjects, thanks in advance.

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      Q5 - learn stuff about the reformation and the counter reformation

      Q4 - PIH essays I did was a painter outside on Italy a person from ancient civilisation outside of Ireland. Then B, I did an explorer in the age of exploration and there was also a worker during the agricultural revolution.

      Q6A - the accounts were a knight in a medieval castle, a monk in a medieval monastery and something else. You had to do two.

      Q6B - was social change in Ireland on like housing , education and the entertainment

      Q6C - was the Irish Civil War Account and I forget the others (sorry)

      Q6D - Was WW" accounts were A cold war crisis/ Asian African Nationalism

      here are some Short questions : know ; what is prehistory : diffrence between primary

      and secondary source ,what was an abbort role (monk guy) medival past time, what a chanter , what did archelogist used to find dates of something,

      how did america defeat britian in american revolution , why was ignaius loyalo important is counter reformation !!!!!!!!!

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      I think this is the deb exam.

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      Can you tell me what came up in science.

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      That was the examcraft exam

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      Great leaving cert notes

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      @AnMurray what is the difference between examcraft and deb

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      I'll trade with you

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