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    Exam Advice Sam_9599

    For the q6A there isn't much point in trying to predict whats coming up. the entire point of this section is test your knowledge on the course in general. If your smart you'll cover whats guaranteed well and have a good general knowledge of the rest of the course. For example my teacher never even covered social history but ill be fine for this section once i know the wars and political ireland. If the q6A suits you then its an added bonus.

    For the pih question there is a point in trying to predict what will come up i concede but i wouldn't restrict yourself. For example most people will learn some off but if a serf comes up what are you going to do? This is where you learning the rest of the course well will kick in. I could more than likely write about a serf of a planter and i haven't learned them I just have a good general knowledge. Of course i will learn somethings off.

    The documents and short questions are straight forward. I can't offer much advice on the source either to be honest. However for the pictures just have a browse through the papers and book and look at important pictures and read the caption. Just spend 1 or 2 mins brainstorming the pic (not writing needed) and if it comes up then you'll have some idea.

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