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    Historical Accounts cillianfahy

    Does anybody know what accounts can come up in Question 6 of the exam? Thanks in advance :)

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      Club Accounts, Published Accounts, Cashflow Statements, Incomplete Records. ALL must know topics

      Q5 Interpretation is a dead cert and must be known inside out plus these topics. This is 50% of the exam.



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      I assume this is LEAVING cert Accounting

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      Sorry I'm talking about Junior Cert History

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      its generally just a random topic so anything can come up in 6A, but in 6B social change comes up so differences between now and mostly the 1960s between housing, the role of women, work, leisure etc. Since its been 100 years since the 1916 rising at a guess itll be a major topic in 6C, the irish history section and section 6D is generally world war related so focus on mussolini and hitler and world war 2 related operations etc.

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      I have some notes if needed!

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