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    History Help Please. Katieee

    What ways are best to prepare for the people in history question?

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      if you highlight key words and then make small stories that you would remember using the first letter of each word then before your exam starts write that story out, you should remember then and construct sentences out of the key words :)

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      That is really helpful thank you :)

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      ifu like books think of book just based on that person as if u were the author. u can do the same for movies and what not. it helps me remember key factors of the persons life:D

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      for the people in history I usually do a really quick brainstorm on what i know,unsure of and dont know. Then i go online or to my textbook and find all these answers. I learn off the key things and fill a whole a4 page with text, pictures, mindmaps and anything visual honestly :) these really help reading back over before the exam.

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      Thankyou so much everyone :)

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      What helps me is to skim over any notes that I have about the topic and then just try and say them aloud as if in a people in history question but you don't have to write anything down

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      for the people in history question there is 20 marks going so have at least 8 important points expanded and that should give you enough to write a page of information to ensure full marks , also DONT just write out the eight points in bullet points incorporate them into a story of some sort.

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      I would use a book or the Internet lots of people do it so there is your answer

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      thank you :)

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