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    History HL predictions JC 2015 John4853

    Anyone know any topics that will come up for history higher level exam such as Q5 could be age of exploration or industrial England and what essays do you think will come up for Q4 and any ideas of what accounts will come up for Q6 B,C,D?

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      I think the industrial revolution/reformation for Q 5

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      Ye same or age of exploration but I'll think it be industrial revolution

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      Predictions for Q4 and 6(a) ?:)

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      archaeoligist for Q6

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      Q4 will be archaeoligist, monk, irish leader or renaissance painter outside of italy

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      Never seen an archaeologist come up in Q6 ? I was thinking Renaissance ?

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      nah that was just a joke dylan but for Q4 its likely

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      You had me confused 😂 archaeologist came up in the mocks too ? Is there usually a link between the mock and actual exam ?

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      What you actually think for 6a ?

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      my teacher reckons because its the anniversary of the end of World War II that that will come up in question 6

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      Are yous just guessing or did people actually tell you those things?

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      In 2005 and 2010 a named revolutionary leader came up in question 4. Also the Renaissance came up in question 6 in both these years and so did the Age of Wxploration in question 5. Maybe it's a pattern?

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      the essays that I know are Ferdinad Magellen,Martin Luther,George Washington,Arghelogist a rennainse painter in side Italy and would Michael Collins be a political leader?

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      yea Collins would be a political leader but it would be for Irelands struggle for independence. theres another one thats like from 1960 to 1985 so don't get them confused

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