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    history mocks tomorow help!!!! valdez460


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      Documents - 11/15 of the available marks are free, just by getting answers directly from the document. Make sure not to lose any marks here

      Q6 - Question D is International Relations 20th century (Anything from end of WW1 to cold wars. WW2 is very important, learn the main events of WW2, the holocaust, and about Hitler's coming to power. I haven't done Cold War yet, but I think that's also important =/), Question A is on any topic from 1st/2nd year course, Question B Social Change in 20th century Ireland (Hard to get marks for this but not a lot to learn) Question C Political Irish Change 20th century (Haven't done this yet. Sorry). Answer 2/4 questions

      Q5 - Anything from 2nd year course. 30 marks! Learning this could also help you for Q6A

      Q4 - People in History, the same questions come up most of the time, look back on all the past papers

      Q3 - Short Answer Questions. Based on entire course! Must answer 10, but recommended to answer 20, or as much as you can

      Q1 - Pictures - Fairly easy, 15 marks. Answer all questions, based on entire course

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      thanks man :D

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