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    History Predictions NGonsalves22

    Does anyone know what chapters are going to come up for the JC???

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      Alex F

      Pictures are very hard to predict but looking through the papers I say maybe a Renaissance, explorers and picture of Dublin in 1900s

      Documents are still hard but maybe a document from the 1916 could come up

      People in History I think A will be

      A person in a named ancient civilisation outside of Ireland.

      Lord or Lady of Castle.

      Named explorer

      B I think will have

      Person during the Industrial Revolution

      Irish Leader in the struggle of Independence 1900-1912

      A named leader during an event of the Cold War


      Named Leader for European Peace

      Or a Named African Leader

      Section 5 I think will be the Industrial Revolution. Pre companies used this so I guess it's likely.

      Section 6A I think might be Revolutions

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      Irish Leader in the struggle of Independence 1900-1912

      who could you write about for this as we have done no people in history on this and it isnt in our books?

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      Eamon De Valera

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      isnt it?

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      Roy G

      John Redmond- Home Rule Party Leader

      Thomas Clarke and Seán McDermott- IRB Leaders

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      Didn't that question come up last year?

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      ya it did i doubt it will come up tjis year

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      * this

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      thanks Roy G

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      I'm not sure, but I wouldn't be surprised if 'a leader in the struggle for Irish independence, 1900-1921' comes up in Q4 B, given that this year is the 100 year anniversary of the 1916 Eater Rising and all :p (Micheal Collins is the best/easiest answer to that question I think, but you could also learn Pádraig Pearse?)

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      For 'a leader in the struggle for Irish independence 1900-1912' Can you do Michael Collins?

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