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    im in big trouble... Cathy20155

    i have never learned a people in history in my life because they arent in my book. PLEASE could people give me any people that you/your teacher think could come up ( hence i got 7 out of 40 in my pres)

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      archaeologist at work, Rennaisance painter, Washington

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      a named revolutionist-george washington

      a named explorer- christophercolumbus

      an archeoligist on a dig

      an ancient civilisation in iresland- celts

      an ancient civilisation outside of ireland-rome/eygiptians/greeks

      a named renaissance painter from italy- michaelangelo

      a named rennaissance painter from outside italy- albrecht drurer

      those are the ones most likely to come up, hope this helped

      good luck x

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      Part A archaeologist , early Christian monk , reformer

      Part B person lost land plantation, factory worker, RAF pilot

      Learn them and your fine

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