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    Irish History Question 6? Anybody? Cian_8941

    Anyone else do 6c? I did but everyone is asked didn't. I did 1916 and civil rights movement

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      I did it but I did 1916 and the interparty government.

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      I did but I only did 1916! I didn't study the inter party gov as it came up recently and I only studied about the republic. So definitely lost some marks!

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      1 did 1916 and interparty too. it was ok. Anyone do 6d. did i miss a part? how many accounts did we have to write/? I wrote on the war in the pacific. was there a question on the cold war or struggle for independence ?

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      I wrote about the civil war for the civil rights movement by an accident would I still get any marks

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      We had to write two accounts out of battle of Britain, defeat of France and war in the Pacific

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      @Sophie I'm afraid not sorry

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