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irish historyy
adamchoudhary02 Junior Cert History — 01/10/16 3

any tricks on minimising the amount i have to learn

JCScenes — 24/09/16
Learn one Q from B/C/D from Q6 very well, for example, learn everything about the wars etc and you can leave out social change and Irish history or vice versa. Play to your strengths
adamchoudhary02 — 25/09/16
but if i do that do i still have to learn basic facts? for short questions etc. or will i leave them out because i only need to know 10/20
JCScenes — 01/10/16
Yes, rush over it but don't spend too much time on it. Spend time on the things you enjoy. The short questions are v easy and require pretty much to listen in class and you'll be sorted!
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