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    Is this answer good enough to get full marks in the mocks? Cian_8941

    *A renaissance artist from outside Italy*

    Albrecht Dürer was born in Nüremberg in 1471. He was the greatest German artist of his time.

    His father was a goldsmith, so he learned the trade of engraving from a young age in his father's workshop. He was a talented at drawing and was given an apprenticeship with a local artist at the age of 15.

    When his apprenticeship ended he travelled to Italy to study famous artists such as Leonardo da Vinci and MichaelAngelo.

    Like many renaissance artists he was very interested in nature. His painting "the young hare" is greatly detailed as his "Large Clod", which is a painting of a large clump of grass.

    He was also widely known for his portraits. His self-portrait at the age of 26 showing him in fashionable renaissance clothing.

    However, he was probably most famous for his engravings, which were made of copper or wood, onto which pictures were engraved or cut. Some of his most famous engravings include The Knight and Death and The Devil.

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      Is another engraving he did Saint Joseph's study?

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      This is what a sample answer looks like.

      ii) Albert Dürer

      The artist Dürer was a famous Renaissance artist from outside Italy. He was born on 21 May, 1471 in Nuremberg, south Germany and his father was a goldsmith. As a young man he began his training in drawing and woodcutting. He became an apprentice to the best known artist in the city of Nuremberg when he was fifteen years old. After this he travelled to other European countries including Italy and he met other artists and was inspired by them.

      He developed a great talent for doing engravings and he then set up his own workshop in Nuremberg. The engravings that he did were prints made from wood or copper. His best known works are his 18 engravings of the Apocalypse cycle, the most interesting of which is the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

      Like other artists he also had to find patrons and the one who helped him most at first was Prince Frederick of Saxony. Dürer painted many religious pieces for the prince as well as other wealthy Nuremberg citizens. However, Dürer achieved his greatest fame for the many engravings that he did when he received commissions from the Emperor Maximilian who was the most powerful leader in Europe at he time. One of these is called The Triumphal Arch and is the largest woodcut print ever made. Dürer went on to become a firm supporter of Martin Luther and produced many woodcuts that show his support for the Reformation.

      Dürer also completed lots of paintings including self portraits and famous drawings of plants and animals. One of his famous ones is called the Young Hare and there is a huge amount of detail in it. Dürer died on 6 April 1528 in Nuremberg and was buried in St. John’s churchyard.

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      The one I learned was from a revision book

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