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    its impossible for me to study jade selo

    I really need help ive tried studing so hard on history but im making no progress wat do I do ?!?!?!

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      What in particular are you finding hard to study? It seems like you are panicking a little so you need to take it step by step. What year are you in?

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      It's always a good idea to start by making a clear plan. Take a read of this blogpost on how to make a study plan.

      Good luck

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      find out what type of learner you are here:

      when you do find out what works best: videos,notes,colour diagrams etc.

      This might be just what you need to understand history


      If you actually concentrate on what you are reading that helps me a lot

      Or put yourself into it and make examples

      Hope this helps :)

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      A good study method:

      -Take a blank sheet of paper and write down anything and everything you can think of to do with the topic.

      -Read through the chapter, underlining key words/facts

      -Take notes/Make a mind map

      -Review, read over your notes/mind map.

      Make sure to look over your notes regularly to keep it fresh in your head!

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