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    Junior cert history essay Saad Azam

    Help! Can someone please tell me sub headings for a George Washington essay.

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      Some helpful headings for each paragraph would be:

      1.Born and Home

      2.Continental Congress and Continental Army

      3.First Successes (take over Boston etc.) and First Failures (failed invasion of Canada)

      4.Trenton and Princeton

      5.1778=Turning point (Horatio Gates forces British to surrender at Battle of Saratoga, other countries join etc.)

      6.1778=Bad for Washington (kicked out of Philadelphia, winter at Valley Forge, soldiers in a bad state etc.)

      7.1781= Americans win independence (British lose at Battle of Cornwallis)

      8.Washington made head of the Constitutional Convention to draw up the Constitution, President of USA for two terms

      9. Dies in 1799 of pneumonia at Mount Vernon

      Hope this helps!!

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      Saad Azam

      Thanks this helped a lot for my summer exams.

      My history teacher told me I got an A!

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      I thought you said junior cert?

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      there in ur book!!!

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