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    Junior cert history question 5 and 6 Elisha447

    I'm doing higher level history for jc my revision book says to focus on question 5 and 6 as they decide your grade?

    So what exactly is in question 5? I know it's a second year question.. Is it broken into different sections??

    For question 6.. I was thinking of doing 6B(social change Ireland) is this guaranteed to come up? I would put loads of detail into that!!

    And then 6C (political developments Ireland) would this be about the 1916 rising as I'm really good at that?? And a bit about the war of independence and Michael Collins and that?

    So if I learn social change and the rising/war of independence would that be ok for question 6??

    I just don't get question 5.. I'm getting exam papers this week! Thanks x

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      q 5a and 5b are mainly based on the picture and text they give you. q5c is a paragraph on a certain aspect of the second year course. make sure you know the second year course very well as you only have a choice of three paragraphs. social change comes up every year. 1916 is likely to come up but make sure you know all aspects of political developments in 20th century ireland

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      Q5 is based on a 2nd year topic. It's quite predictable if you look back at what's come up in past years. And like the Documents question, you can get some marks straight from the source

      Q6 is worth 1/3 of the marks and so is very important.

      6A is always based on a topic from 1st or 2nd year. Like Q5, it's quite predictable

      6B is always based on Social Change.

      6C is political Irish history and

      6D is International Relations

      Social Change is the shortest to learn although people lose a lot of marks. You have to state changes to get marks

      International Relations is anything from end of WW1 to the Cold Wars

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      Thanks so much that was what I needed to know thank you !! :)

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      Thank you soo much x

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