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    Mock Topics? Ciaranclixxx

    Anyone have any tips on the topics that might come up for the mocks? Like the People in history and the long questions?

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      The only questions anybody can guarantee are q5 and q6. Q5 will always be a 2nd year topic, and one where you have a lot to write on. Then for question 6, do Social Change which is part B as it is the most common knowledge and easiest for many. Then Q6 C is always on Political Developments in 20th Century Ireland so focus especially on 1916 Rising (which should definitely come up somewhere on the paper because it is the centenary), War of Independence or Civil War. Q6 D is always International Relations which I have no clue about as we haven't started it...

      In my opinion, focus on Q6 B and C as parts A and D might throw you.

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      For 6B (Social Change) people lose marks because they don't state the changes, they just give a description. You only get marks for STATING CHANGES in Ireland and if it asks for changes after a certain year, make sure to include them after that year, not before. Social Change is the shortest to learn but people lose marks easily

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