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    Most Common People in History Jack22

    What are the most likely or the most important people in history to know? Are there any? I'd really appreciate for some opinions. Thanks

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      There are about 25 in total. Best advice is to go through every year of exam paper and take down what has come up and you'll see which are repeated often. I'm in fifth year now but got an A got jc history it's very easy when you're interested and know the exam papers well. Some common ones are; an archaeologist, Renaissance (Italian & other), Plantations.

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      Thank You

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      explorer and reformer

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      To find out the most common, mark each one in a tally chart and everytime you see one on a paper, mark it with a tally! You'll end up seeing which are most common in such a clear way as this

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      What would be the best ones to revise ?

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