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    Not enough space on exam paper!! elenah123

    I always find myself writing an extra two lines or so beside my anwer on the exam paper!Does anyone else find that they dont give enough lines for your answer?I have big writing :/

    Any advice or tips??

    Do you lose marks as it looks really untidy ;/

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      Ask the exam supervisor or teacher for extra paper in the actual exam, the examiners perfectly accept it and a small note letting them know you have continued your essay on another page will be much neater then sentences sprawled all over the place

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      Thanks so much ! I wasnt sure because i have never done a state exam befoe ://

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      I sometimes find myself doing this! The amount of space they give is supposed to indicate how much you write, but i find myself writing more in subjects like history and science. You could try making your writing smaller or shortening your answers on the short question sections. Otherwise, just ask for extra paper. :) I hope this helps.

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      Thanks for your help! 🙂🙂

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      yes all the time :O I think it probably happens to everyone sometimes :P But they should really rethink the spaces they give you cause i always start to question myself then....

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