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    People in Histories HL Clyne

    How many people in histories should I study for Higher level?

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      you should study a wide range of them. look at past exam papers and see which ones come up the most often

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      Person who has to study

      I would look at one maybe from the 1916 rising, like obviously look at more than just that but since it's the anniversary or whatever just learn one of the leaders or Michael Collins

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      im going to do 3 from first year 3 from second year and if you know your section 6 accounts from third year they can be used as people in history

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      Do one or two from the first year history section! One or two from age of exploration(Columbus) maybe Martin Luther from reformation and definitely do one from Irish politics as I would say the rising will come up a lot this year so Michael Collins, eamon de velara etc!! X

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      Wolfe tone is always a safe one to study, Columbus, Martin Luther and a craftsman in middle age.

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      I don't think the craftsman comes up too often

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      Monk in an early Christian monastery and explorer in the age of explorations.

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      has anyone done their history mock exam yet?

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