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    People in History- 1st person or 3rd person? Aidandaly2kPro

    When you're writing the People in History accounts in the exams, is it essential to be written in first person or third person? E.g my name is... I work in... Or can you write it in whatever view you wish?

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      Whatever view you wish, I think. I've done both in class tests and have never been docked marks for doing so :)

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      Ok thanks :)

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      If it says write an account of a named renaissance artist for example you write it in third person. If it says write an account of a lord in a medieval castle you write it as if you were the lord ( 1st person ). Whenever of a named ....... is written there you write it in the third person.

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      Ok thanks mvalentine 👍

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      It doesn't really matter. The important thing to get marks is giving information about the topic

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