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    people in history 2016 jc Sarah2014

    what people in history questions come up the most that I must know? thank you

    how many should I be learning before I go into the exam?

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      The ones that come up the most are the archaeologist at work, a named Renaissance scientist or writer and Operation Barbarossa they are the main ones I would learn if I were you! And they are the main ones that come up! Hope that helped! :)

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      A German soldier during operation Barbarossa that's what comes up. SryanBruen if you did JC History you would know.

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      JadeSheehan I do JC History but I'm just on The League of Nations

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      Operation Barbarossa is a good bit off yet. It's basically the code name for Nazi Germany's invasion of the Soviet Union during World War II, which began on 22 June 1941.

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      Do you need to know both a Renaissance writer and scientist or just one?

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      Well you need to know both a renaissance writer and scientist but you only need to pick one either a writer or scientist for the question :)

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      thanks very much :) how long should the people in history be?

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      10 historical points

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      ^ like belle said 10 points!

      Make sure they are relevant and factual! One fact for every two marks, thus:

      If it says 10 marks, then 5 relevant historical facts

      If it says 20 marks, then 10 relevant historical facts

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      ok thank you so it doesn't matter what length it is i.e a page long?

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      No, just look at the marks and remember to have one fact for every two facts! There is no harm though putting in more facts than the marks tell you to

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      Well depending ding on writing it will be aboutique two at pages long

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      ok thanks guys do you have any tips on remembering the people in history?

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      Put each fact into small little words or detail in points and then when doing a past exam question OR your actual exams, you can make them into full sentences.

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      ok cool thanks again

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