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    People in History dates?! Ton55

    does anyone know if knowing dates for people in histories matter e.g when columbus landed etc.? do you need to know all the dates specifically?

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      I suppose you don't have to know all of them but I think it would definitely be worth knowing key dates, could get you an extra mark or two which could make all the difference

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      Night Valdez

      Not really. If you know it, put it down. If you're not sure, don't

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      aslong as you know the year it's fine.

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      They're not really important but make sure you pay attention to any dates you are given e.g. if they ask you to write about an Irish political leader 1950-66 make sure you don't write about a leader who doesn't fall into those dates at all!

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      Our teacher has told us to leave out dates unless you are absolutely 100% sure it is correct. You don't need them

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