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    People in History Guesses jokejike

    what people in history do u guys think is most likely to come up

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      All my teachers are saying that when it comes to revising the night before the exam; studying your mock is a good idea as they are a prediction of what the companies think will come up (obviously minus english, irish and maths as they are very unpredictable) - so if I were you I'd just study your mock people and history night before the exam but learn all of them as there really is no real telling which will come up.

      The mock People in History's were as follows this year: (HL)

      DEB: A factory/textile worker

      A monk in a medieval monastery

      Examcraft: A monk as well

      A leader in a voyage during the Age of Exploration (Columbus or Magellan)

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      Since it's 100 years since the rising, it's possible (/likely) that something to do with that will come up.

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