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    People In History - Prections - Anyone any ideas ? cormack1234

    Anyone know what people in history essay are likely to come up? Thanks

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      some good shouts is a renaissance artist or sculptor, a monk in an early christian monastery, worker ina factory during industrial revolution and one on the explorations

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      I'm pretty sure age of explorations is going to come up but don't blame me if it doesn't

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      In HL: A Named Leader On A Voyage During The Age Of Exploration, A Monk In Early Christian Ireland, A Named Religious Reformer, The Lord and Lady Of A Castle and A Farm Labourer In The Agricultural Revolution(haven't came up since 2013)

      A Renaissance Painter/Artist Outside(since 2012), Person Living In An Ancient Civilization Outside Ireland, Factory/Mine Worker, British/American Solider D-Day Landing, A Person In Ancient Ireland(since 2014) .

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      @Ifeoluwa_8183 for the person living in ancient Ireland could you do a Neolithic farmer??

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      Yeah, Neolithic or Celtic

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      @Ifeoluwa_8183 thanks a million mate

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      My teacher said something to do with the plantation could come up this year

      eg : an irish farmer who lost land during a named plantation or an english planter who recieved land during a named plantation

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      ^^ that came up last year so it probably wont

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      Michelle Uwakk

      @pikachu your right, my teacher said that an irish farmer who lost land during a named plantation would be coming up

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