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    People In History Predictions 2016 Sarah123x

    does anyone have ANY predictions for the people in history question, I find learning them off challenging and was wondering if theres anyone who can help me out?

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      i think some of the main ones you should focus on are a reformer, an explorer, early christian ireland monk, and a roman. don't take this as gospel but they haven't come up for a few years are usually popular!

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      factory worker/owner may come up as well as a farm labourer

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      I'm presuming that an explorer will come up, and an ancient roman is quite popular

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      Eimear M.W

      Early Christan Ireland Monk,

      Lord/lady of a medival monastery,

      Named religous reformer,

      Age of exploration named leader on a voyage,

      farmer in the agricultural revoution, and

      Named leader involved in the rise of the superpowers.

      I think some of these suggestions are likely to come up. I hope this helps. :)

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      Thank you so much everyone, i can definitely see a pattern ! thanks!

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