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People In History predictions! JC
Beachy123 Junior Cert History — 31/05/16 5

Any smart cheese out there that have honest good predictions for people in history?

Georgeh13 — 30/05/16
Shakespeare could come up. It is his 400th anniversary dice he died.
Melanie_8122 — 30/05/16
Age of Exploration,Reformation,A factory/mine owner in the industrial revolution,Ancient civilisation that's OUTSIDE of Ireland,A christian monk,A farm labourer from the Ag.Revolution.Think that's it
Georgeh13 — 30/05/16
Alex F — 30/05/16
For B I think A Leader in the struggle for Irish Independence Or A worker in a mine or factory during the Industrial Revolution For A I think A person Living in a named ancient civilisation outside of Ireland Lord or Lady in a Castle
KevinB — 31/05/16
Guarrenteed something to do with irish history is going to come up
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