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    People in history Q4 LNJ999

    There are so many possible questions on the people in history question so how should I study for it?

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      look through the past exam papers and write a list of all the possibilities. write out a sample answer for each one with 10 historical points in each - remember, only 2 marks for background info will be given, so only write one point for that. I like to keep them all in a display folder and keep reading over them so you'll remember them easier. also look through the papers to see which ones come up most often and make sure you know those well. for some you'll definitely have a choice, such as the "revolutionary leader" one, so you only need to know either Wolfe Tone OR Robespierre OR Washington. (Robespierre is easiest imo!) so that'll cut down the workload a bit! good luck in June! :)

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      Thanks a lot

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