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people in history q4 account
Laurenaxox Junior Cert History — 16/05/16 2

does anyone have a sample account on a person living in an ancient civilisation outside of Ireland?

John_2187 — 16/05/16
You could do one on Ancient Rome, the only one I know of. I don't have a sample answer but here are some key points: Talk about their lifestyle; -Patrician/Plebeian -Housing (Domus/Insulae) What are the conditions of each housing type (sanitation, space, rooms) -Education -Children's lifestyle -Burial customs/religion -Entertainment (Baths, Circus Maximus, Palaestra) Should this topic come up (I think it might looking at the pattern), this should scrape 20 marks if you elaborate properly on each point. Hope this was of some help. I'm doing the JC too, best of luck :)
alfie_flynnzer — 16/05/16
My name is Marcus and I live in the city of Rome. I live in a poor part of the city and we are all called plebeians. My family and I live in a three storey building called an insulae. On the bottom floor there are shops and a place to buy food. We are not allowed to cook food inside our living area because the walls are made from wood. The rich people who live in my city are called patricians and they live in very big houses, which they call a domus. It is surrounded by a high wall and there is a beautiful garden inside as well as lots of statues and mosaics. We also have statues in our home because religion is a very important part of our lives. These statues are of our important Gods. I pray to the God of war called Mars and I ask him to protect all our soldiers fighting for the Roman Empire. My brother is a soldier in the great Roman army and he is fighting in a faraway place called Gaul. He is going to be in the army for at least twenty years and he is a fully trained soldier. The centre of our city is called the Forum and this is the place where all the important buildings are located and the place where a lot of people meet. My father is the head of our family and I attend school each day. We begin very early and finish at noon. The main subjects are maths, writing and reading. I wear a tunic every day and sandals. Wealthy men, such as the senators, wear a toga in public and their wives wear a stola. These garments have beautiful colours. There are also many slaves living in our city. Some of them work in the homes of the rich people as their servants. Some slaves also sweep and clean our streets and hundreds of them are in the gladiator schools, which are all over the city. For entertainment there are many choices in Rome. We can go to the great chariot races held at the Circus Maximus and my father and I like to put bets on the different teams. The public baths are a really good place to meet people. Then there are the Games at the Colosseum, which are usually exciting gladiator contests but there are often games in which the Gladiators fight wild animals.
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