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People In History (Renaissance)
Cathal_8908 Junior Cert History — 11/05/16 4

Hello, we were told today that one of the two essay style questions in my History Summer exam will be to write about a Renaissance artist, sculpture, scientist etc. By the way only one of those not all of them. We only have 40 mins for the whole class and there are 9 questions (2 Essay style although we don't know the second one yet). How should I structure the answer to get full marks and have enough time to do all the other questions. I would want to be getting full marks in it because it's worth one-third of the total marks! Should I start with it first, or should I structure it in a way it's not too long but will get me full marks? I presume it's probably going to have to be about an A4 page. If you have a suggestion, please comment. Thanks!

shanec222 — 10/05/16
go to http://historyjkblog.blogspot.ie/ great website for people in history help
Cathal_8908 — 10/05/16
mcmahon50 — 10/05/16
you need 10 solid points to ensure you get full marks. don't use too much background info as you'll only get 2 marks for this. I would recommend doing the people in history questions first so you're not rushed for time at the end, if they're worth the most marks on your test. make sure your information is in chronological order too ie in the order in which the events happened! good luck!
Cathal_8908 — 11/05/16
Thanks, I prepared an answer last night and there's like 5 short paragraphs. It adds up to just over an A4 page, so I would say it's okay :)
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