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Person in history industrial revolution
Aoife_gethings Junior Cert History — 25/05/16 4

Need help writing bout a worker in a factory during the industrial revolution.

EA22 — 25/05/16
I'll give you 8 headings for your 8 paragraphs . Each paragraph must contain at least 3 significant relevant statements : 1) Describe the factory 2/3) Rules and fines ( you can fit this into 2 paragraphs if you like ) 4) Their houses 5) sicknesses / diseases 6) the 3 reasons based on governments reports on why to improve housing conditions 7) Robert Owen - ( talk about him and his factory ) 8). Where did your children go to on Sunday ( Sunday school ) and did they have education everyday ? Talk about food that the POOR people ate ( because your writing as your a poor person ) and write about the pastimes / leisure activities that existed at that time. Good luck on writing it !
Aoife_gethings — 25/05/16
thankyou !!
amber.mcgrath — 25/05/16
do u write it like a diary entry as a poor person or in the third person ?
EA22 — 25/05/16
I wouldn't call it a diary entry bcus your Not saying dear diary ..... . It's a people in history account. You can say " I " work in a factory and its 4/5 storeys tall... And when your talking about Robert Owen you can say - " I heard about a man from Scotland and his name was .... Hope that helps !
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